of the Symphony for the New Migration project


Through systematic methodology, an attempt to archive and exhaust the specific Icelandic environments is forming. Exploring the practice of collecting, implementing ritualistic way of working with a fixed tool kit, two observers are juxtaposing habitats of different objects as well as various ideas. 

Composing a symphony of migrating through the clash of hybridic soundscapes, dynamic postcards related to the three major relations surrounding human, are being created:


biosphere  –  human  –  technology 


Preserving the dynamics of a place, and questioning entanglements of stated relations, the call to embrace mingling spreads right into the public sphere.


Through a systematized and ritualized exploration, collecting becomes a way to compose the symphony with various motifs. 



A symphony is a union of sound as a consonant ensemble, a set of noises forming a harmony.

Harmony based on contrasting aesthetic experiences and ideas associated with them.



My intention in the pages that follow was to describe the rest: that which is generally not taken note of, that which is not noticed, that which has no importance: what happens when nothing happens other than the weather, people, cars, and clouds

Georges Perec, “An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris”



Although the study explores different relationships between human, biosphere and machines, it is all based on a human point of view. 

However, it should not be centered around it.


- camera (2)

- sound recorder (1)

- blue headphones (1)

- notebook (2) and pencil (2)

- plastic bag for collecting objects (1)




Argitxu Etchebarne & Ma Kowasz

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